4 Main Things to Consider Before You Buy a Compaction Tool

Compaction equipment is a tool used to compress either soil or waste material. They are most useful during construction to prepare construction sites. You will have to choose from a variety of these equipment based on what you intend to do with the equipment either for soil compaction or waste or any other use. Once you decide to buy the compaction or vertical compactors you need to have some information so that you don’t purchase the wrong equipment considering the work you want to do. Before planning to visit a compaction tool dealer consider the following first;

1. The Soil Type

The first consideration is to determine the type of soil you want to compact. Each soil type has its particular requirements. Soil categorization depends on the grain size. There are; cohesive, granular, and organic soils types, based on their particle sizes. Each of the ground types needs different equipment to compact. The cohesive soil has the smallest particles of all the three soil types. Since they are tightly bound together by molecular forces, they need specialized equipment with high impact power. That means the soil needs maximum pressure to the ground and at the same time, force out all the air. Rammer can work better in cohesive soils than any other tool or a pad-foot vibratory roller.

On the other hand, the granular soil has fine to medium gravel and also lacks cohesive strength. Since the ground can crumble quickly especially when dry, it may require different tools from cohesive soils. Granular particles are not very tiny and therefore don’t require a lot of vibration force. In this case, a forward vibratory plate compactor is ideal.

2. Preferred Force

When selecting the compaction equipment to use on the other material other than the soil, what you should always consider is the strength of the machine. There is equipment that has greater impact force than others. If you need a significant impact, all select the tool that will provide the result you desire. For instance, the machinery for constructing roads can never be the same as the one for use in compaction of pavement in your home. That is so because the drive requires that the soil requires a compaction of greater force than pavement.

3. Cost of the Equipment

The cost is an overriding factor that should determine the choice of the type of tool you purchase. The prices vary depending on the specialized use. Shop around and compare the prices from different sellers and go for the best, it may not be cheap, but has value for your money.

4. Reliability and durability

It’s advisable to do your research on the durability and reliability of the compaction tool before you buy. Many manufacturers in the market claim to have best compaction machines, but it’s better to consult experts to guide you and show you the best tool that can be reliable and durable. The Rotobale Compaction – EMD website is a good reference if you want to find more information online.

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