Finding the Right Leak Detection Equipment for Your Facility

Manufacturers of packages often concern themselves with preventing dangerous contamination in their facilities, and there is good reason for this. Product packaging is just one of the many ways that products can become contaminated, and leaking packaging that does not pass through leak detection equipment can result in everything from liability cases to product recalls. All can be costly for a manufacturing facility to deal with, and they may result in you needing to close the facility for further testing and clean-up. Closing the facility can add to the cost of faulty product packaging. As you explore the options for leak detection equipment for your facility to prevent such costly events from happening, consider these valid points.

Which Leak Detection Equipment is Best for Your Business?
There are a wide range of options available for detection equipment for manufacturers of packages. For example, there are physical tests available, and these may be most suitable for food and drugs. The packages themselves may be submersed in water to look for signs of leaks and to make sure that the packaging is airtight. Other types of testing includes field testing, lab experimentation and more, and your task is to explore each feasible option to find the best one for your facility. Your specific type of product packaging can be used to help you determine which type of leak detection equipment is best suited for your business activities.

The Dangers of Packaging Leaks
You may be wondering what the specific dangers are of packaging leaks and if leak detection equipment is really needed. With leaks in packaging, air, bacteria and more can penetrate into the packaging. This means that the product could get stale or otherwise lose its freshness. This can result in retailers sending your packages back for a refund, which can be a costly result. If bacteria or other elements penetrate into the packaging, everything from mold growth to a salmonella infection could occur. Some of these cases may result in the packages being sent back, but others may have more significant consequences. For example, if your customers get sick or worse from eating contaminated food, they could file a class action lawsuit against you, or there may be a recall issued by the FDA.

These are all factors that you want to avoid if possible, and you need to find the right detection equipment for leaks to do so. Consider what type of packing you need to inspect, and start researching the various options available today. For most facilities, there are at least several feasible options to consider. You can consider the most cost-effective and efficient detection method available for the best results.  If you visit FlexPak, their website may provide you with more information.

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