Precious Peace of Mind: Hiring a Long-Distance Moving Company

Moving is a stressful undertaking no matter what, and when you’re talking about a long-distance move—maybe even a cross-country one—the stress factor can really ramp up. Some of that stress comes when you decide to transport your belongings yourself: an attractive option in terms of saving money, but also a complicated and demanding one logistics-wise. Faced with those logistics, many opt to hire a moving company.

The Realities of Moving Your Own Effects
If you are thinking about hauling your own stuff, consider a few questions at the outset. Do you know how to safely wrangle and carry big, heavy furniture without throwing out your back? Are you adept at packing all manner of different items—large and small, durable and fragile, a dime-a-dozen and absolutely irreplaceable—in a space-efficient manner that also protects them during the drive? Are you comfortable operating the large van, truck, and/or trailer required over many kilometres of busy (and sometimes twisty and up-and-down) highway? If you feel you can handle these tasks, then by all means consider self-transporting your household to its new HQ.

The Benefits of Hiring Long Distance Movers
If, however, those considerations have you a little apprehensive, you might think about hiring a moving company. Such a company can take much of the stress and hassle of moving to a new home off your shoulders. The best have highly skilled employees who know how to quickly, efficiently, and safely load and secure your worldly goods. Your old home’s magically emptied, and your possessions magically show up at the doorstep of your new one.

How to Go About Hiring Movers
Notice in the above paragraph we talked about the “best” moving companies. It likely comes as no surprise that there are plenty of mediocre movers out there; maybe you’ve heard a few horror stories yourself.

So it’s important to do your homework when hiring a long-distance moving outfit. A great first step is simply to ask friends and family if they have any they’d recommend.

Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs, meanwhile, has compiled a valuable Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company. Among the many aspects the checklist recommends clarifying:

• Is the moving company aware of—and does it abide by—the “Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers,” compiled by a multi-stakeholder committee through the Office of Consumer Affairs?
• Will the company conduct an inspection of the items to be transported and then provide an estimate? Companies that don’t bother with inspections and offer quotes sight-unseen may not deliver the level of service you expect.
• Is the vehicle that will be used for transporting specially designed for hauling household items? On a multiday move, how will the vehicle be secured so your possessions are kept safe?
• Do the movers have a certificate by the Workers’ Compensation Board? Keep in mind that, if not, you might have to pay for any injuries they might suffer during the job.

Be diligent about researching long-distance moving companies, and you may just earn yourself some precious peace-of-mind for the life transition you’re embarking on. With somebody else taking care of the cargo, you can concentrate on reflecting on the milestone, enjoying the scenery, and—of course—getting your own self safely to your new digs. Visit Premiere Van Lines for additional resources.

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