You Don’t Need That Optional Rental Car Insurance, Even In America

You’ve likely experienced the confusion at the rental car kiosk. The representative asks you a million questions about optional services, including the dreaded optional collision waiver. Millions of people have been asked that question about insurance and millions of people have been confused by it. And it seems to be a confusion that car rental companies are capitalizing on.

The questions remains — do you need insurance. The short answer is no, but there are some things to consider.

A Hypothetical Situation

Let’s take a hypothetical example. Let’s say that you are used to car rental Vancouver services and you fly to Portland, Oregon. The agent at the counter will notice your Canadian drivers license and try to sell you on “American Insurance”. They’ll strike quickly with this question because optional collision waivers can cost s customer hundreds of more dollar per rental.

Canadian Insurance May Cover You In The States

Here’s where you need to be armed with knowledge. Many Canadian car insurance companies actually cover rental cars as well. There’s no need to buy optional services if this is the case because this type of coverage extends into the states. What you’ll need to do is check your car insurance agreement for this language. The easiest way to do this is online because most insurance carriers like to advertise perks in order to draw in more customers. But a simple phone call will do. Just get your insurance card, find your particular number on the card and call your company. No need for any confusion.

Your Credit Card Likely Covers You As Well

On top of all of this is coverage afforded to you by your credit card companies. Again, this is probably advertised by the company in some conspicuous place, either online or in print with your credit card agreement. And it’s not just your particular credit card company that offers the protection. Visa and Mastercard themselves often offer this kind of rental car insurance in order to compete in the credit card marketplace with each other. Generally, is covers any costs due to collision after a deductible payment. The rental car company’s optional service will cover this deductible in the case of a collision. So, if you are willing to role the dice on the deductible, don’t get the optional insurance.

One caveat for the credit card coverage — you need to use that particular card in order to receive the coverage. If you made a reservation ahead of time, you need to have made the reservation using the card in question as well. But since most rental car agencies require a credit card in order to rent a car, this shouldn’t be an issue. In the end, if you are an insured driver with a credit card, you likely do not need any optional coverage from the rental agency, even in America. You can find more info at the Discount Car & Truck Rentals website.

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